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One of COMET Group’s ambitious goals is to improve recovery rates for waste metal shredder residues.
The Group set up the COMET TRAITEMENTS subsidiary in 2002 with the aim of reducing the percentage of ferrous metal shredder residues that were being sent to landfill.

To achieve this goal, COMET TRAITEMENTS has developed innovative, industrial-scale treatment processes that have enabled it to bring raw materials from recycled ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics for the automotive industry, iron oxides, sand substitute and other products to the market.

The success of these technologies has helped COMET Group to meet EU targets on recovery rates and secured its reputation as an industry leader.


Managing our non-renewable natural resources responsibly is a major concern facing companies today.
Recycling end-of-life products plays a key role in such management, but even recycling processes generate residues.

As part of the Biolix project, Comet Traitements and its scientific partners in Wallonia (including in particular the GeMMe laboratory at the University of Liège) have successfully developed a technique that uses bacteria to recover the fractions of ultra-fine metals contained in these residues.
These micro-organisms are used to separate the various metals contained in these residues (such as iron, copper and zinc) using as little energy and as few reagents as possible to minimise the end waste generated by the process and its environmental impact while increasing the added value of the end products.

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COMET TRAITEMENTS is constantly working to reduce the amount of end waste generated by its activities and has been investing in research and development into new sustainable technologies for many years.

COMET TRAITEMENTS has developed a solution to the problem of organic shredder residues through the Phoenix project, which is cofinanced by the Walloon Region under the Marshall Plan.
This solution involves catalytically cracking these residues at low temperatures to convert them into fuel that can then be injected directly into cogeneration engines to produce electricity and heat.
The carbonaceous residues that result from this process and the metal fractions contained in the shredder residues are also recovered.

COMET TRAITEMENTS has already set up a pilot demonstration unit at its site in Obourg to showcase how organic shredder residues that would previously have ended up in landfill are now being used to generate energy.


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