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Comet Research

Comet Recherche was created from the R&D team at Comet Traitements, which has specialised in developing recovery solutions for shredder residues since 1991.

The team at Comet Recherche is made up of qualified researchers, including R&D engineers, staff with PhDs in polymer-related subjects and specialists in chemical catalysis. Their aim is to achieve high recovery rates for solid residues through innovative solutions involving economically viable industrial processes.


Developing treatment processes for solid residues, with a focus on recovering metal shredder residues.
Providing R&D support to Comet Group companies.

In order to achieve these aims, Comet Recherche has a laboratory equipped with the latest equipment for preparing samples, characterisation, chemical analysis and experimentation.

It also works in partnership with various universities and research centres. Once Comet Recherche’s projects have been fully developed, they can be tested by setting up pilot units in its purpose-built 4,000 m2 testing facility.

Managing our non-renewable natural resources responsibly is a major concern facing companies


Recycling end-of-life products plays a key role in such management, but even recycling processes

generate residues.

As part of the Biolix project, Comet Traitements and its scientific partners in Wallonia (including in particular the GeMMe laboratory at the University of Liège) have successfully developed a technique that uses bacteria to recover the fractions of ultra-fine metals contained in these residues.

These micro-organisms are used to separate the various metals contained in these residues (such as iron, copper and zinc) using as little energy and as few reagents as possible to minimise the end waste generated by the process and its environmental impact while increasing the added value of the end products.

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