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Alfred Grosjean takes over the Paridans sites in Aubange.


Takeover of the Bodson site in Châtelet, near to Charleroi. At that time, the site had a guillotine and a shredder (the first in the region).


Foundation of Compagnie des Métaux de la Sambre, now Cometsambre (ferrous metals).


Foundation of Recymet (non-ferrous metals). Pierre Grosjean takes over the management of the company.


Foundation of Recycar (End-of-Life Vehicles or ELVs).


Philippe Grosjean takes over the recycling business started by his brother, Pierre.


The Group invests in a 3,000hp shredder for the Châtelet site.


Takeover of Georges Cornu in the north of France (ferrous and non-ferrous metals).


Foundation of Comet Tyre Recycling (CTR), a company specialising in collecting, processing and recycling all types of used tyres in an environmentally friendly way.


Foundation of Comet Transports (transport by lorry) and Comet Traitements (shredderresidues).


Foundation of Comet Services (Electrical and Electronic Waste or EEW).


Takeover of Gosselin Duriez in the north of France (ferrous and non-ferrous metals).


Foundation of Comet Technique (industrial maintenance).


Foundation of Terecoval in Chambéry, France ('cold' EEW).


Takeover of Rudy W (transport by boat) and Récupération Du Nord (RDN) (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). Foundation of Comet Brussels (ferrous and non-ferrous metals).


Foundation of Comet Ghent (export facility). The Group opens a site in Obourg, equipped with a 7,000hp shredder.


Foundation of Comet Rouen in the north of France (export facility).


Foundation of Comet Plastiques.


Foundation of Ecofer (ferrous and non-ferrous metals) and V&M Recycling (ELVs and non-ferrous metals). The Group opens a site in Arles in the south of France (export facility). Guillaume Grosjean becomes Managing Director of Cometsambre.

Comet Group’s roots date back to 1986, when Alfred Grosjean took over the Paridans sites in Aubange, followed by the Bodson yard in Châtelet in 1987.

The tonnages processed by the company quickly increased and it started to expand its operations.
Compagnie des Métaux de la Sambre (now Cometsambre) was set up in 1988, followed by Recymet four years later, marking the beginnings of Comet Group.
That year, Alfred Grosjean’s son, Pierre Grosjean, took over the management of the company, after spending several years working out in the field and gaining extensive industry experience.

He continued to develop the Group’s activities over a 5-year period until his brother, Philippe Grosjean, took the helm in 1997.
Comet Group quickly consolidated its position and sought to expand and develop its activities.
By taking over existing companies and setting up new ones, the Group consolidated its position on the ferrous and non-ferrous metals market and also extended its expertise to other recycling-related fields.

Today, Comet Group holds around thirty companies across Belgium and France and has a range of outstanding facilities that have enabled it to achieve unrivalled recycling rates.